Add a Circle Facecam to OBS 2021

Everyone has the standard 16:9 rectangle face cams in their streams.  If you are looking for something different, try out a circle.  As an added bonus, I have an animated border that can be added.    If you need any help, please post your questions in the streamer-help channel in our Discord

Download the Files

You can either download the zip file here, or you can grab them off our Discord in the Stream-Tools channel.  Unzip the files to a safe place.

1.  Create a new scene called Camera and add you Video Capture Device to that scene.  If you already have your scenes set-up, you can skip this step.

Add Web Cam To Scene

2.  Right click on the Video Capture Device and click on the + under the Effect Filters to add a Image Mask/Blend. You will make 2 changes.  Set the type to Alpha Mask (Alpha Channel) and select the Circle.png from the Zip File.  You should probably move these files somewhere safe if you have not already.

Add Filter to Web Camera

3.  If you want to add the circle border, add a Media Source to your scene.  Make sure to check the Loop and choose the ChasingCircle.webm file from the zip file you downloaded.

Add Chasing Circles

4.  To change the color of the border, right click on the media source and select filters. Under the Effect filter, add a new Color Correction.  You can mess with the options to change the color, brightness, etc.

add color correction

If you have a camera scene with just your camera and optional border, you just need to add the scene to you other scenes. 

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