Create a Countdown Timer for Twitch and StreamElements

Countdown Timer for Twitch, StreamElements, and OBS/SLOBS

I have been looking for a countdown timer for a long time.  There are solutions out there, but I did not find them easy to use.  So, I decided to write one and release to other streamers on Twitch.  The countdown timer is controlled by chat commands.  Events like following, cheering, subbing, and tipping can also increase the timer.

Setting up the Countdown Timer

First you need to head over to our Discord Server at In the Streamer-Tools channel, download the Countdown Timer Zip File. The zip file will have 4 files: html, css, fields, and javascript.

1. Create a new overlay or open an existing overlay in StreamElements.

StreamElements Countdown Timer
Create or Edit Over in StreamElements

2.  Add a Custom Widget to your overlay

Countdown Timer for Twitch
Add a Custom Widget

3. Open Editor and copy and paste each file from the Zip file you download from the Discord server to appropriate tab in the editor.

Copy and Paste into the Widget

4. Configure your countdown timer.  By default, event based timer increases like followers or subs are turned off.  

Configure the Countdown Timer

5.  Add the overlay URL to OBS or SLOBS

Add Browser Source to OBS / SLOBS

Using your Timer with Twitch Chat Commands

We are going to assume that !timer is the command you configured.  !timer is the default.

  • !timer start 4:00 – Start the timer at 4 minutes
  • !timer start 0:30 – Start the timer at 30 seconds
  • !timer start 30 – Start the timer at 30 seconds
  • !timer start 1:20:30 – Start the timer at 1 hour, 20 minutes, and 30 seconds
  • !timer pause – Timer will pause
  • !timer unpause– Timer will resume
  • !timer clear – Will stop and clear the timer
  • !timer add 0:30 Will add 30 seconds to the timer

If you have events turn on, they will happen automatically.  If the timer is paused, time will still be added.

Possible Uses for The Timer

There are many uses for a countdown timer when streaming on Twitch.  Here are a few examples.

1.  Add to your Starting Soon screen
2.  Use it for Sub-a-thons or “Keep me Streaming” events
3.  Keeping track of Channel Point redemptions like “Emote Only Chat”
4.  Finish this level in x amount of time challenges.

Keep in mind, since you can set the command, it is possible to control many different timers at once.


If you need help or would like to suggest features, head over to our Discord Server Post in the Streamer-Help Channel. Some features were suggested by streamers like you.