Shoutout Command for Nightbot and Twitch

Tutorial for Nightbot Shoutout Command like !shoutout or !so

If you use Nightbot and Twitch, you need to create a Shoutout Command.  You use this command anytime you want to give someone a shoutout in chat for raiding, huge tip, etc.  It is easy to do.

Nightbot Shoutout Command Steps

Login into

  1. Click on Commands in the left navigation bar
  2. Choose Custom
  3. On the right, click on the “Add Command”
  4. In the Command, enter either !shoutout or !so
  5. In the message, copy this: Go check out $(touser) at$(touser) and go show them some love <3 <3 <3
  6. Set the userlevel to moderator.  If you want the only person to be able to use the command, set it to owner.
  7. If you want an alias, enter it in the alias field.
  8. Submit and you are done.
  9. Now, enjoy the command.

Testing your new Shoutout Command for Nightbot on Twitch

You can test it by hopping into your chat on Twitch and give it a try.

In Twitch chat, if you type: !so sacket .  The output will be:

Go check out sacket at and go show them some love <3 <3 <3

Typing “!shoutout sacket” should also provide the same output as above.

Watch How to Do It