Shoutout Command for StreamElements and Twitch

StreamElements Tutorial for !shoutout or !so

Shoutout command for StreamElements
Shoutout command for StreamElements

You just got raided and want to give a shout out in chat?  If you are new to streaming on Twitch, the shoutout command is a must.  A streamer is blessing you with discovery.  You should do the same and make it easy for your viewers to find them and possibly drop them a follow.  It is really simple.  If you are looking how to do this with Streamlabs, click here.

Shoutout Command Steps

1.  Login to

2.  Click on Chat Commands under Bot in the left navigation bar.

3.  Under Custom commands, “Add New Command”

4.  Command name: !so or !shoutout

5. User Level: Moderator

6. Response: Share the love with ${user ${1}}! They last played ${game ${user ${1}}} at${user ${1}}

7.If you want to create a command alias, you can do that under Advanced settings.

Testing your new Shoutout Command

You can test it by hopping into your chat on Twitch and give it a try.

In Twitch chat, if you type: !so sacket .  The output will be:

Share the love with sacket! They last played Just Chatting at”

Watch how to do it.

If you prefer to watch it being created, you can watch the video below.

If you are new to OBS Studio, learn about the basic features or OBS Studio.